Shape Shifter

Athena Has Moved.

New City, New Lights.

I`m sad it has taken me so long to write on here. I want to get better – I really do. Something about this new environment was squashing my creativity. I think it is all the concrete.

I believe people who grow up around an ocean exude greater creativity. I believe it is because when we stand at the fingertips of this great body of water, our insignificance is revealed. We humble ourselves to the Majesty, Power and Vastness of this ever changing, moving, alive and vibrating life force. If you have never experienced that, then You would not know that Your ever breathe is a gift, a treasure.

I have had so many first paragraphs planned out for my next entry.

I wanted to write to him – tell him that I had believed him. tell him that I put up with too much. tell him I realize my worth and it was not fair. tell him that … tell him that he lost my love, I was a love lost. However, I cannot write to him. Then he would think he was worth my post.

I wanted to write about her – the craft of a woman perched on her stoop, a rocks throw from my new abode. I wanted to say “I spent time listening, and this is what I learned…“ But I did not listen enough yet. It is a story half told. I`ve only touched on her loneliness. The roses I left her, might have gotten old.

Nevertheless, here are my words – once again.


confessions of a coffee artist.

Leo (Mobile) Jan5, 2010 6:10:18PM

will you make me something warm and dee-lish to drink, then vibe it out here to the fucking arctic?

Admittedly, I work for “the man.” There isn’t much other choice. Being a full-time student, I’m destined for food & beverage jobs until I finish these gazillion years of university that I have left. I’ve spent my fair share of time in restaurants, right before I felt like I would loose my mind if I have to serve one more table; I switched to coffee shop employment. I’ve been living this yo-yo employment for years. I really do love coffee; that is, I love making someone the PERFECT drink. Well, when you come to Starbucks, you better get it as your paying $5 dollars for a cup of milk and some hot espresso. If you are a friendly, polite person, I will make you the sexiest foam for your latte that you could ever dream up. The thick, creamy foam that makes you ask “did you put whip cream on this?” to which I triumphantly respond “No, that my dear customer, is just some fabulously sexy milk foam.” Barista-ing (is that a word? well it is now!) is a wonderful experience, even though the wage is so mediocre.

I get to serve you the cup of coffee that will send you flying off to work on a cloud. Or I can serve you a cup that will rush down your throat like burnt, acidic toast. I can make you sexy foam, or maybe I will decide to make you dry, airy, ugly foam. I can carefully monitor the freshness of your espresso by timing the shots so that your latte has a delicate caramel-y consistency. Or I can choose to let your shots pour to long, so the espresso looses its ‘creme’ and what is meant to be your morning glory quickly becomes your morning acid reflux.

I usually will chose to give you the more desirable of the options, that’s if, your not a jerk. Mmm, now do I have you worried? Here’s a quick, short little list of how to identify if you are, in fact, a jerk.

  1. You talk on your cell phone the. entire. time. you. are. in. the. store. And when I ask you questions, you act as if I am the most disturbing, annoying person you have ever encountered.
  2. You complain about prices. Obviously, jerk customer, I did not have any power in pricing the product. What do you want me to do about it? I have better things to do than listen to you complain about something we both obviously can’t change…like make sexy foam (but not for you!)
  3. Your name is Jeff and you are that annoying paramedic with blond spiked tips that comes in and treats us all like shit (Hello, you get FREE COFFEE!) Ah well, he drives a hummer….enough said.
  4. You act like your the coffee GOD, and swear you can taste the difference between 2 different roasts. You throw a hissy fit when we don’t have the one that you ‘prefer’. You know my answer to this? Kindly saying “oh yes, dear coffee GOD, I will go out of my way to brew you a special cup!” and Indeed, I go through the motions. However, you end up with the same damn coffee as everyone else…and for a  moment; even I am actually scared… DID I FOOL GOD? I watch your face as you take your first sip…and yes..yes I did pull one over on you, coffee GOD.

explorer thoughts.

Leo (Mobile) Jan 3, 2010 3:09:08 PM
if i had to hide and live on the run for the rest of my life, i would get a really sweet dick tracy kind of hat.

I can tell you right now this blog will be double coated and triple dipped in explorer thoughts and memories. I’m not even sure when I acknowledged my love for exploring, but with curiosity and adventure loudly living within me, how could I not love to explore? There have been many great, inspirational people who have weaved in and out of my life through the seasons. These Greats have not only equipped and challenged me to become the explorer I am today, but have also passed down many great explorer skill and secrets (sorry Reader, I am afraid it is far to soon to mention these here). However, I will tell you about the one animal that I highly respect as an explorer: the chameleon.
The first time I heard about chameleons I was instantly fascinated.

The Chameleon, meaning “ground lion” has two incredible attributes that I value greatly when I explore. The first is eye sight. Their eyes are the most distinctive among the reptiles. The upper and lower eyelids are joined, with only a pinhole large enough for the pupil to see through. They can rotate and focus separately to observe two different objects simultaneously. This, in effect, gives them a full 360-degree arc of vision around their body. Lesson here? Yes. People watching skills. I am blessed with two, blue, explorer eyes. The chameleon taught me how to focus in on my surroundings – to look for the full scope, to see from all angles and depths. I now delight in even the most simplistic pieces of my scenery, such as the beautiful texture of brick as the sun kisses it goodnight.

The second desired chameleon trait (of course, wise Reader, You have probably already guessed) is colour changing. Chameleons use their color-changing ability to blend in with their surroundings, as an effective form of camouflage. Colour change is also used as an expression of the physiological condition of the lizard, and as a social indicator to other chameleons. Some research suggests that social signaling was the primary driving force behind the evolution of colour change, and that camouflage evolved as a secondary concern. Ah reader, to blend in with the stories, scents, colours and music that surround us is indeed a fine note in the explorer’s song. I, many a time, have tried my go at colour changing. Sometimes, I fail miserably.  Awkwardly exposing my uneducated side, I fail to absorb the truths and hidden jewels that surround me. However, sometimes I do succeed; and I realize that being a different colour is not the point or the purpose. Moreover,  it is the act of becoming a new colour that is delightfully enriching. Entertain me, dear reader, by allowing me to expand this thought. You find yourself in a different, unknown environment and You, being the great explorer that You are, know that in order to truly engage, you must hear stories. As you start to listen, the colours, shapes and sounds around you seem to become slightly less different and slightly more intriguing. You find yourself noticing that a little sacrifice on your behalf results in an overflow of beautiful words, all delicately placed in a sentence that simultaneously sweeps you off your feet and whispers the sweetest melody into your ear. Within this moment you should choose to actively remove your inhibitions and allow the song to instill within you legendary secrets of life. It is this imparting that provokes your to change colour, deepen your thought and explore outside the comfortable boundaries in which you had previously found yourself living.

So inquisitive reader, before these humble words place you in a slumber, remember my lesson: widen your eyes and embrace the different colours you may find yourself surrounded by. And if you ever happen upon a chameleon, give him a grand tip of the hat’.

Leo (Mobile) Jan 3, 2010 3:24:14 PM
is it called running away from home still?

Me –>Leo (Mobile) Jan 3, 2010 4:31:17 PM
no, its called exploring.

wrapped up in a bundle

Leo (Mobile) Jan 2, 2010 9:10:49PM
whoa you guys are getting slammed with snow hey?

Me –> Leo Jan 2,2010 9:14:02PM

Leo (Mobile) Jan 2, 2010 9:14:57PM
are you playing in it?

In fact, I was playing in it. I was playing on it, through it and around it. Snow fell like sprinkles from the sky. I climbed into a big truck – lets name him Jake – and set off to glide across the winter wonderland that majestically coated my scenery in winter bliss. Let me engage in a simple thought: Jake the truck is amazing. He is fearless and wise in his older years. Jake is a respected truck that has seen the roads and kept conversations warm in wild winter weather. Exploring the outback with Jake in the middle of the winter storm, I found myself lost in the enchantment of winter thought. How, at night this blanket of snow appears ominous, vast and deep. Soft, cool-blue tones of sky kiss the tops of trees; trees that are sagging under the burden of snow that dresses them. The trees told me a story of their own tonight; reaching for me as I drove past the outskirts of the road. Trees, as it stands, truly carry the story of winter on their backs. Like I was saying (forgive me, I tent to think ahead of my writing), night snow is ominous, and the trees, so tall and haunting, only add to the depth. There is a respect that grows out of me for dark, snowy nights.
Then morning comes. The same snow that dressed the haunted trees at night has now become a cloak of the greatest majesty. Tall, strong and glistening, the trees are rewarded for their vigor. The demand a respect, a ‘get out of your car, step our of your house, walk off the beaten path’ type of respect. They call for us to come closer and delight in the intricacy and placement of the snow that flakes their skin. They yell for us to stand back, take the broad view and become astonished at their protection and might.

Am I playing in the snow? Hell yes.

A New Year

Leo (Mobile) Jan 1, 2010 12:17:25 AM

Jade (Mobile) Jan 1, 2010 12:20:02 AM
Happy new year! May ur year be full of adventures, clear skin, deep conversations, love of all sorts, good books, long prayers and many clove cigarettes w/ me over tea.

Me –> Leo  Jan 1, 2010 1:18:26 PM
I wanna start a blog.

Leo (Mobile) Jan 1, 2010 1:19:18 PM
do it.